We provide seafreight transport all over the world, including related inland sections, not only in relation to the Czech Republic, but also the third-country transport, including additional services at both ends of the transport chain. Complex logistics on a global scale. Collection, distribution, packaging, storage, fumigation, loading, unloading, all-risk insurance (ICC A), consulting – everything you can think of, we are here for you. You can count on us.

Portfolio of our services:

suitable for goods which by their nature do not exceed the dimensions of sea containers.

  • standard containers for common and dangerous cargo – 20’, 40’, 40’HC, 45’HC, 45’HCPW, which can be equipped with a flexitank (for liquid goods) or inlet (for bulk goods)
  • special containers
    • Reefer – for goods requiring a constant temperature regime during transport from -40°C to +30°C
    • Open Top (OT) – for goods that exceed the dimensions of standard containers by their height or it is not possible to load them through the container door due to their high weight.
    • Flatrack / Platform – for heavy (up to 54t) and oversized shipments
    • Tank – tank containers
  • VGM SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass; Safety of Life at Sea
Groupage, an economic option for your shipments that do not fill the entire container and you share transport costs with other users.

    • own Pelmi groupage from the Far East directly to our warehouses in Bohemia and Moravia. Regular weekly departures from the main ports.
    • other world sessions in our partners’ network
Our trained staff will provide advice and all the essentials for the transport of dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
Transport of oversized pieces which by their nature exceed the possibility of container transport and require special handling. Sometimes referred to as transport of investment units or project cargo.
intended for vehicles of all types and sizes that are loaded / unloaded on their own wheels. Optionally for oversized shipments (B/B Break-Bulk) that are placed on special platform vehicles. 6 metres high? 12 metres wide? 50 metres long? Weight 400 tons? No problem!
Combined transport (rail / sea) for short distances within Europe (Great Britain, Northern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, but also the North African countries). Environmentally friendly transport, as a “green” alternative to long-distance road transport.

Third-country transport. Do you buy goods or materials in another country and sell them abroad again? We will take care of everything you need discreetly, including the neutralisation of documents.

This option is an alternative to air transport. The price is cheaper than air transport and faster than sea transport itself

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